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Main Centre of Special Control

On 29 of August, 1949, under strict mystery circumstances in Soviet Union was held the first nuclear ower explosion. USA learnt this fact only in a few days after with a help of reveal special system. The task of analogues systems carrying out had arosen before the state governments and states.
Special Monitoring Service was developing during decades, which counted over 30 observation points, there were using in its interests maritime and aviation basing means of control, were carrying out space means.
With aim of guidance operative informing and providing functioning of inherited from USSR special monitoring means it was created the center (since 1997 National Space Agency of Ukraine) in Military Forces of Ukraine.
MCSC is used for carrying out control by national technical means
  • By keeping international treaties and agreements in regard to restriction and prohibition nuclear weapon test on foreign proving grounds and nuclear power peace-keeping carrying out;
  • By seismic situation and other geophysical conditions on the territory of Ukraine and the whole Earth;
  • By radiation situation in dislocation point of special control units.
MCSC geophysical information staff network includes centers, groups, periphery and autonomous points. Technical monitoring means are situated in 14 observation points.
Most of sensing elements are installed on basic rocks in special mines and bore-holes depth from 30 to 100 meters.
After complex processing information is presented by subordination and concerned ministries and departments.Unique by its capacity is Ukrainian seismic group which by Interim Technical Secreteriat of Preparatory Commission of Agreement decision prohibition of nuclear weapon test is included into World Seismic Monitoring System under PS-45 number.

There is organized and widens in MCSC cooperation with international organizations and foreign data centers that gives possibility to take into account innovative achievements in geographic monitoring field.
In 2000 MCSC takes part in realization of National Programme of Antarctic Research. In the station Academician Venadtsky is installed seismoacoustic complex where specialists of establishment carry out 24 hours observations.

05/25/2018: SSAU and European Commission signed an Arrangement on cooperation in the framework of the Copernicus Programme